Legends of ‘Ukelele DVD

16 Dec

Legends of ‘Ukelele DVD - Available now!

Watch interviews and capture the feel of ukulele through the eyes and soul of three master ukulele artists. Featuring a performance by the late Duke of Uke, Bill Tapia, and an inside look on the production of ‘ukulele by Chris Kamaka and the late Leonard Young.

William "Bill" Tapia was an American musician born to Portuguese parents.  From playing for WWI troops at the age of 8 to putting his first CD at age of 96, Uncle Bill takes us on a journey of his life and sprinkles in some words of wisdom.  Tapia was a featured performer in "Might Uke: The Amazing Comeback of a Musical Underdog," a 2010 documentary on ‘ukulele.  Uncle Bill died December 2. 2011, at the age of 103. (14 mins)

Leonard Young was born in Hawaii in 1935, the son of a master craftsman and luthier. In 1963 he began his apprenticeship as a luthier under the guidance of his father. He moved to Idaho in 1986 where he continued to make fine handcrafted instruments until he passed away at the age of 72 in 2007. Leonard talks about the TLC he puts into every piece of work when crafting ‘ukulele. (16 mins)

Chris Kamaka is the production manager of Kamaka Hawaii Inc., home of the original Pineapple ‘Ukukele based in Honolulu.  He walks us through the production of the famous Koa wood Kamaka ‘ukulele and the process it takes in creating the meticulously hand crafted work of art. The result is an and exquisite musical instrument enjoyed by ‘ukulele players around the world. (13 mins)

Approximately 55 minutes with bonus Kanaka Legacy feature
A There in the Islands production Website: www.thereintheislands.com